Your Advantages to MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Even before you start your business online, you already have unfair advantages as compared to conventional business. I have listed down some of them to give you some perspective :

Probably THE biggest and fastest growing market in the world

You can have an international business right on your computer without having to physically open a shop.

You can take your business anywhere with you. You are not tied down to one location.

No more expensive office rentals, exorbitant renovations, no employees. You can work it from home.

No need to raise high capital or mortgage the house for a loan. Your startup financial needs is almost negligible. No loans, no risk.

Spend quality and quantity time with the family

Freedom, you decide how you want to lead your life. No company policy to dictate when you wake up, when you work, when you take your coffee and when you eat. You decide.

Leverage on technology. Use technology to automate your work and communicate with people worldwide instantly at a tiny fraction of the cost of running a conventional business. Tons of free software and shareware.

A relatively new industry which has huge potential for expansion. The number of new people going online everyday is tremendous. That means new customers everyday !

You can do it part time, full time or over time. It's flexible and it's up to you.

I have already listed down 10 reasons. I can go on and on but you get the idea. The odds are stacked in your favor as compared to a conventional business. However, the down side of a low risk business is that sometimes people give up too easily. After all there is no pain and no consequence when you decide to quit.

The only temporary obstacle I see for those who are not web savvy, is the steep learning curve. This can be overcome by re-educating yourself. As you spend the time and make the necessary effort to learn, you will overcome it. That is what this site is for. To help you learn, to guide you and to show you the way. An old Chinese proverb says, when the student is ready, the master will appear.

Even with all this advantages, you may be wondering, "Can I do this ?" Especially since so many dot-com companies have closed down. STOP ! You will never make it if subconsciously you believe that you can't.

The reason why so many mega dot-coms have closed down is because of the high level of expenditure, mega bucks advertising, enormous borrowings plus they are playing with someone else's money, not theirs. The right business model, concept and set up is crucial too. (See section on site concept when you come to it). You don't have such a handicap because your expenses is minimal and you have zero risk.

Most successful internet gurus started their business from home and have since built multi million dollars businesses in a relatively short time whilst still remaining very lean. It is just not necessary to have a huge headquarters with hundreds of staff when you have a system and is automated by softwares and computers.

I will include a section on the successful gurus, who are they, what have they done to reach where they are today and some insight into their level of earnings. Make sure you have a link to this site and check it out from time to time. If they (who are no computer geeks, but comes from diversified backgrounds) can do it, so can you.

The only thing which separates those who can and those who can't is BELIEF. If you believe you can, if you decide you can, then you can. It's so simple that you'll will NOT BELIEVE it. Make yourself believe it. (Find books on programming of subconscious mind, there are tons of them out there. Read the classic, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) I explained one technique in my section, Why Go Online, which I hope you have read. Do it if you have a belief problem. Decide now if you want to succeed or if you want to fail.



























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