WHY do you want to MAKE MONEY ONLINE ?

Have you asked yourself WHY you want to make money online ? This may be the most important question you need to answer before you even start. Do you have a passion for the computer and working would be like playing ? Do you need an additional income to supplement your paycheck ? Or perhaps you need to reduce your risk in this volatile economic situation ? Do you have a dream and this looks like the perfect vehicle to put it in action ? Or maybe you just want to work at home and watch your children grow ? Are you so tired of your current situation ? Perhaps there is more meaning to life ? There must be a better way to life. Whatever your reason may be, you need to believe it with every fiber of your being. If you don't believe, you are only deceiving yourself and you will never make it.

If you are truly serious about making money online, do this exercise below. It's absolutely critical and will ensure that you will never quit when the going looks tough. I cannot emphasize this enough. Most failures happen because there is no persistence.

1. Take out a card (perhaps the blank side of a business card). Now write down why you want to make money online. Take your time, look inside and internalize it. Your reason has to be strong that you really really want it.

2. Read the card aloud to yourself at least two sessions a day. Read it several times during each session. The first session is in the morning when you wake up. This will give you purpose and direction for the day. You should repeat the next session before you sleep. This will help you to internalize your reason and will also help to program your subconscious so that it really sinks in.

3. Whenever, you're faced with a problem, or when it seems impossible, or you're just plain confused and frustrated, take out your card and read it again. Read it several times. In times of crisis, you have to focus on the objective and not the obstacle. Do that, and the obstacle will seem very small in comparison to where you are going.

A last word of caution, what you sow, so shall you reap. But it takes some time for the tree to grow and bear fruit. Meanwhile, it is growing so be patient. Just don't quit your full-time job just yet. Wait until it bears fruit. If you really hate your job, whenever your online income exceed your paycheck for a full year, then you are in a better position to pick your choices. A lot of people spend years and decades in their job to get to where they are and they expect to make it online in a few short months, from scratch. It's probably going to take a bit longer than that, so persevere and give it enough time. In a few years, I'm sure you going to make much more than you ever expected.




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